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Changes of Wind – Directed by Russell Wallace

Out on the land and in the mountains, the wind moves through the senses. We see the grass moving, we hear the movement of the branches of the trees and we feel the wind on our face and sometimes we can even feel the breath being taken right out of us.

The wind does bring great change sometimes. We see the debris from the torn trees and any structure that dares stand against the wind. The wind then is a catalyst.

History is full of examples of great change and with those events are the people that are there tearing down branches and breaking limbs and making some trees fall. In Indigenous cultures there have been many storms and there has been a lot of debris left behind but there are still many trees standing.

A lot of our people have been isolated and blinded by the debris and whirl around the urban centres getting stuck in circles in the core of the city. Eventually some awaken and find others and work as the grasses do when a wind comes, moving together. We reach out, we find our support in others and then we dance with them.
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